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HL BaSE webinar on common employment law issues

Hogan Lovells' employment team had these top tips for social entrepreneurs working with volunteers.

  1. Have a written volunteer agreement in place;
  2. Make sure the agreement does not create contractual obligations – so is written in the language of expectation not obligation;
  3. Ensure that volunteers do not receive any payment or benefits in kind for their work, except reimbursement of expenses actually incurred in volunteering, such as travel expenses;
  4. Operate the arrangement in a way that reflects the volunteer agreement, so there are no penalties for not working at a particular time for example;
  5. Have a procedure in place to manage any problems or complaints from volunteers at an early stage.

HL BaSE hosted a webinar on common employment law and employment status issues that social enterprises need to be aware of, including when working with volunteers. Jo Broadbent and Linda Ruan of Hogan Lovells’ employment team were joined by social enterprises from a variety of sectors ranging from supporting young people with additional needs to find employment, to helping people newly arrived in the UK learn English.

A recording of the webinar can be viewed here.