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The teams covered some universal legal issues for impact organisations at our first London HL BaSE Catalyst workshop of the year. We discussed the fact that form should follow function when it comes to legal structures, key issues to think about when scaling, the pros and cons of social franchising, IP strategy and much, much more.

"I had the best time at the Base Catalyst event, thank you so much for creating this much needed initiative for social enterprises and charities. I gained so much from it and connected with lawyers from different companies who would like to offer support to us and our young people."

Duro Oye, CEO and Founder, 20/20 Levels

We were joined by volunteers from Lloyds Banking Group,, Scottish Power, BNY Mellon, JP Morgan and UBS, who worked alongside Hogan Lovells volunteers to advise 7 amazing organisations, including:

  • Peer Pals’ founder Swaroop Kadambari realised through his own healthcare journey that peer support from other patients can be an invaluable source of both moral and practical support. For this reason he is creating a peer support platform for patients and their families. He said “Peer Pals think it is important that the difficulties faced by patients should be alleviated as much as humanly possible and that peer support from other patients is vital in achieving this.”
  • Greater Change has helped over 900 people out of homelessness.  Its platform allows people to set up campaigns for vulnerable people in their community and fundraise towards a new home.
  • Global Disability Innovation Hub is a research and practice centre driving disability innovation for a fairer world. Operational in 60 countries, GDIH has supported 34 million people since it launched in 2016 by developing bold approaches, building innovative partnerships, and creating ecosystems to accelerate change. 
  • 20/20 Levels is a social mobility organisation empowering Black and racially underrepresented young people through opportunities to maximise their potential. It focuses on making young individuals career-ready and business-ready through transformative programmes that foster skill development, mentorship, and empowerment. 
  • SAMEE (Support And Mentoring Enabling Entrepreneurship) is a charity set up to teach self-employment skills to individuals with disabilities, to support them to escape poverty, boost their mental health wellbeing and gain independence. It achieves this by producing guidance and peer mentoring support to assist disabled people who are searching for an alternative to traditional employment due to the daily challenges they face.
  • The Guardian Foundation is an independent charity that works directly with journalists, news organisations, audiences, and educators to give people access to reliable information from a diverse range of sources, strengthening their ability to hold power to account. Kelly Walls, Executive Director, said "As a group they had a diverse range of skills which allowed them to bring different perspectives to the challenges I was facing. Not only did they listen and understand what I was trying to achieve, offering advice, they also gave very hands-on practical support in the moment and I walked away with something tangible to action."

"The pro bono legal support offered by Hogan Lovells via their charitable HL BaSE initiative is going to be invaluable for helping SAMEE charity create a comprehensive supplier agreement, that will ultimately make a huge impact and positively transform the lives of young disabled people."

Wayne Ingram, Chief Impact Officer, SAMEE