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The Madrid Office, in collaboration with the Spanish foundation UnLtd Spain, hosted a virtual and on-site workshop on 24 June assisting 3 social enterprises alongside in-house lawyers from Amazon and Ford Espana.

“Thank you so much to Hogan Lovells for the invitation to this workshop and for supporting our entrepreneurs."

Carmen Zaragoza, UnLtd Spain

The team of lawyers worked with three innovative social enterprises:

  1. GEKO NAVSAT: is a technology company that develops solutions based on satellite navigation technologies to improve the safety and mobility of people who carry out activities in open spaces and natural environments. The company has developed a mobile app called Blind Explorer that provides a solution to improve the mobility and autonomy of people with visual disabilities in natural spaces and green areas, by making precise content of routes and points of interest available to users.
  2. BIODATA DEVICES: is dedicated to manufacturing innovative medical devices for remote patient diagnosis and monitoring, primarily through telemedicine applications. Currently, Biodata Devices is establishing commercial relationships in both European and non-European countries and its medical devices are approved in the countries where they are marketed, either through CE for European countries and following local approval processes in non-European countries.
  3. MENSOS: is an express delivery startup focused mainly on on-demand and last-mile shipments. The goal of Mensos is to help companies get involved with caring for the environment and improving traffic in Madrid. These shipments are made by bicycle to transform cities, return spaces to people and reduce emissions.

"We assisted Geko Navsat with their legal needs. It was a real pleasure to collaborate in a project with so much heart put on it and a great social impact. It was rewarding to talk to Rafael, their CEO, and share time with the great lawyers that work in Hogan Lovells. If we can be of help in whatever they need, much better. I must say that I am grateful to have been part of this team.”

Isabel Teus, Amazon