At HL BaSE, we offer a unique opportunity for our in-house counsel clients to participate in our BaSE programmes and provide bespoke legal advice to our social impact clients.

Our in-house clients can participate in HL BaSE through the following ways:

  • Attending our HL BaSE Catalyst Programme.
  • Participating in our legal workshops for social enterprises, held in conjunction with our partners such as Un Ltd, the Young Foundation and JustImagineIf.
  • Attending one of our highly interactive and educational Global Goals workshops, which are designed to introduce participants to the Global Goals, explain how the global community is trying to achieve the goals and highlight why your business has a vital role to play.  Participants leave with a better understanding of the Global Goals and take away ideas of how they can act towards achieving them in their professional lives.

Comments from in-house legal team participants:

"I think Hogan Lovells should be very proud of the work that is delivered through these workshops. It was good and to be included in the support from the firm to help drive them on." Paul M Loveridge, Senior Legal Counsel, HSBC

 "Seriously impressive for us to see the investment Hogan Lovells have made into such a worthwhile enterprise. Great stuff." Caroline Riddy, Senior Counsel, Axa Insurance PLC

 "I think the format works well – with the overview to start, followed by a deep dive with the individual social enterprise. It was interesting to consider legal issues that I see in-house within the context of a very different organisation." Kiron Choudhury, Solicitor, Ford Motor Company Limited 

For more information please contact Yasmin WaljeeFenella ChambersTom Walsh and Marion Fischer.

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