HL BaSE Training is a mini-MBA style course for trainee and junior lawyers, developing their commercial skills and social impact. The programme runs in London, Hong Kong and New York, ensuring that junior lawyers joining the firm are familiar with the importance of social impact to all of our clients.

"I really enjoyed the HL BaSE Training programme; it was highly educational and opened my eyes to how we can collectively make a difference. I loved meeting colleagues from around the globe and working together on real life legal tasks."

Eleanor Doubleday, Associate, Hogan Lovells

What is HL BaSE Training?

We provide long term pro bono legal support for social enterprise, through participation in a programme that develops our trainee and junior lawyers’ commercial acumen and understanding of social impact in business; we call this programme HL BaSE Training.  After receiving two days of mini-MBA style training, delivered in partnership with Ashoka, teams of our trainee and junior lawyers provide on-going pro bono support to their social enterprise clients, under senior lawyer supervision.

HL BaSE Training is currently offered in Europe, Asia and the United States, as well as to key clients around the world.

Key Facts:

  • Three continents.
  • 1,000 + trainee and newly qualified lawyers.
  • 100 + social enterprises advised to date.

"Something we learnt from the HL BaSE Training experience is that no matter how large or small the client is, you can still relate to them on a personal level and understand what drives them and their business. Your clients are still people at the end of the day, and they want to hire lawyers that they enjoy working with." Adam Kania, Trainee Solicitor, Hogan Lovells

How to apply

If you are a social enterprise looking for pro-bono or low-bono legal support and are interested in taking part in our HL BaSE Training programme, please complete and submit the Application Form.

"Because we believe the business and social enterprise (BaSE) sector can innovate solutions for difficult social problems in our community, we've invested significantly in our HL BaSE programme.  Through HL BaSE, we engage people from across our international offices in supporting their communities by providing high quality legal support that aligns with the diverse needs of SME social enterprise clients. We also strive to involve our corporate clients in the programme to add depth and breadth to the offering.  HL Base helps our social enterprise clients to grow and enables our most junior lawyers worldwide to develop important client facing skills early in their career." 

Steve Immelt, CEO, Hogan Lovells

For more information please contact Nicola Evans, Tobias Faber and Adrian Walker.