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The Faculty will comprise members representing Hogan Lovells' geographic and experience range. The Faculty will be responsible for the running and development of the educational curriculum and all other activities of the business and social enterprise programme (the "Program"). It will take and implement administrative and academic decisions on the management of the Program.

Term of Office:

Each member of the Faculty will serve for an initial period of three years and, thereafter, will be eligible for re-election each year (save for trainee lawyers from London who will serve for a single period of six months and will not be eligible for re-election following that initial period of service).

Role of Faculty Members:

  • To attend meetings of the Faculty and to participate in the management and regulation of the business and affairs of the Program
  • To develop courses of training for delegates of the Program which will assist in ensuring that enterprise and social impact is placed at the heart of service delivery by Hogan Lovells lawyers
  • To assist in identifying good practice in relation to the maintenance of academic standards and the quality and the enhancement of the Program experience
  • To participate in the decision making process in respect of all matters which may be referred to the Faculty by the Dean from time to time
  • To participate in the delivery and administration of the Program as required
  • To determine the scope of the Programs activities whether educational or otherwise and to participate in the development of new initiatives
  • To undertake periodic strategic reviews of the Program and its achievements
  • To support the Dean in the negotiation of budget requirements with the Visiting Committee and Hogan Lovells IMC
  • In association with the Dean and the Visiting Committee to prescribe by regulation  the conditions for and the parameters within which the Program will operate whether as an educational establishment for post graduates or otherwise
  • To determine whether the Faculty shall award prizes or other honors to either students or entrepreneurs participating in the Program and to determine the conditions governing such awards
  • To promote an alumni association of past participants in programs of education and to establish ways for the Program to encourage continued participation in ongoing initiatives
  • To contribute to the Program's digital media from time to time and to encourage others within Hogan Lovells to contribute to ensure that the Program  remains dynamic and engaging
  • To co-operate in the timely delivery of the annual report to the Visiting Committee
  • To provide such assistance as the Dean may request from time to time