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In the 15 years since Graham Moore and Carlo Missirian created Humanutopia, their efforts to provide students, teachers and schools with programmes that offer much needed personal, emotional and social growth have subsequently reached nearly four hundred thousand students and tens of thousands of teachers across the UK and beyond. Hogan Lovells have played a unique part in this astonishing success story.

With the help of Hogan Lovells, this small company has now grown to a team of 19 people, all of whom are dedicated and committed to helping to empower young people to make positive change, in their own life, their schools and communities and eventually society and the world.

One of the contributory factors in the success of Humanutopia is the ability and insistence of Graham and Carlo to develop strong and lasting relationships with key partners. After a series of meetings with Hogan Lovells, it became clear that the relationship between the two organisations was always going to be more than pro-bono support. Almost six years later, that still remains the case.

Over the years, the Hogan Lovells team has provided wide-ranging pro-bono support to Humanutopia. Both Graham and Carlo feel that this longstanding partnership is a beacon of what pro bono should be and humanutopia continues to use Hogan Lovells' offices for high profile training, meetings for investors, and a wide variety of company and Heroes Foundation meetings. both Carlo & Graham hope they can continue to count on the legal giants to hold their hands when needed in the future, as humanutopia continues to make a difference to so many young people.

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