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It is well known amongst psychiatrists that our brains light up when we are having 'fun'. What counts as 'fun' is entirely subjective, but the chemical reaction in the brain when we experience our idea of fun is exactly the same (which is why it feels like fun, even though the activities are different).

How can we make work feel more like fun? Well recently, psychiatrists have discovered that everyone has the "fun feeling" when they are being creative, whatever that means for you.

In the workplace, if you have the freedom and opportunity to be creative (eg designing processes/documents/forms/tables/systems etc) and unleash your imagination, that will stimulate those brain chemicals, light you up and put you in the 'Zone' so time flies by (which, as the saying goes, it does "when you're having fun"!).

So try and get to do what you are best at every day. Work will become more enjoyable and feel more like play, and you become more productive. Happiness really does have a bottom line impact.

The science behind this is all in Dr Edward M Hallowell's book "Shine".