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4 innovative tech start-ups, 19 lawyers, 10 countries, 4 continents

“It was a great learning experience for me and I am truly inspired by the entrepreneurship of the Agrodata founder and the complexity of the business idea.”  

Novartis volunteer

HL BaSE Catalyst hosted an online pro bono workshop with Afritech XYZ to provide legal support and advice to 4 award-winning tech start-ups.  Afritech XYZ, an initiative run by Do it Now Now, works with African tech entrepreneurs and provides them with the mentoring and networks they need to build tech that will contribute to a better future for Africa.   

At the workshop volunteers from Hogan Lovells, Novartis and Citigroup sat down with the Afritech entrepreneurs to talk through their legal issues and learn about their innovative and impactful work.

  • StanLab is a 3D interactive virtual laboratory application designed for students to learn and practice science experiments hands-on and in real-time;
  • Agrodata maps honey-bees using GIS/Remote Sensing and invented the “iSmart hives”, creating a Community Bee-Agrifood Network (CBAN), a communal bee-centred cropping model in which beehives are installed for free on smallholder farms to support crop pollination by bees;
  • Dermisho Utility and Farm Management Application (DUFMA) is a peer to peer integrated agriculture service start-up platform that connects farmers to service providers and investors;
  • AquaFarmsAfrica grows clean, fresh, organic produce using the most efficient and sustainable technology available, to help address the problem of food security across Africa.

"Much thanks to Hogan Lovells and Afritech XYZ for organizing, we learned a lot and are beginning to work on structuring our company.”

Job Oyebisi, StanLab