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We collaborated with Changemakerxchange for our first German HL BaSE Catalyst workshop of the year. Our lawyers covered varius legal issues, including corporate and tax, IP, insolvency, and general advice on banking and finance. 

We were joined by Nick McGirl from Changemakersxchange, who facilitated the workshop, alongside Hogan Lovells volunteers to advise 5 brilliant organisations, including:

  • Power On: They currently do youth camps and academies but are now setting up a project in Tansania with regard to supporting local agriculture by selling carbon credits in Germany/Europe. They required advice on setting up a new or separate entity for this purpose from a corporate and tax law perspective.
  • Edcosystems: edcosystems build digital services that enable key players in a region (e.g. school leaders, government employees) to visualize the current educational ecosystem and strategically develop this ecosystem. They received advice under insolvency law.
  • Benthos: Benthos aims to democratize access to state-of-the-art technology for ocean conservation, empowering local communities and small-scale projects with innovative tools and data-driven insights. They received advice on how to register their trademark as well as corporate and tax advice for setting up an entity.
  • Climate FarmersClimate Farmers supports farmers in the transition to regenerative agriculture. They provide funding and support through giving access to the carbon markets, and through offtakers / food processors. Climate Farmers receives a margin of the funding transferred to farmers. They received advice in the areas of banking/finance as well as data protection.
  • kontakt kollektivkontakt kollektiv is a Hamburg-based initiative that creates intentional, inclusive spaces for all people to wholeheartedly connect, exchange perspectives, and share their stories. They received corporate advice on how to possibly change their legal structure in the future.

Huge thanks to Linda Brand, Konstantin Weber, Ingmar Dörr, Nico Kuhlmann, Dominik Lang, Matthias Rajhanov, Christian Hentrich, Martin Pflüger, Alexander Bathelt, Niklas Brüggert, Veronika Deussen, Alexandra Willm, Jonas Palme and Fabian Paehr who devoted time to this workshop and supported the changemakers in answering their legal needs.