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HL BaSE Catalyst hosted a pro bono workshop with Bright Tide’s Blue Accelerator programme and other impact organisations working in the carbon credit and nature recovery space.

The Blue Carbon Accelerator Programme, (also in collaboration with EY and The Crown Estate) aims to support blue carbon projects and blue carbon ventures to build and develop their ocean impact organisations.  It connects Blue Carbon ventures directly to the private sector and ocean investment community.

At the workshop volunteer lawyers from Hogan Lovells, HSBC, AXA and Vodafone worked with impact organisations to talk through their legal queries.  The organisations were:

  • Ecosulis is a B Corp and an environmental consultancy which aims to rewild half the planet by 2050, through partnerships, developing disruptive and progressive technologies and methods. Ecosulis is dedicated to recovering nature, by designing and delivering efficient and scalable nature-based solutions for people and planet. Ecosulis works with clients to identify nature-based solutions that deliver high biodiversity gains on sites across the UK and beyond, with minimal interventions, and has extensive experience working on riparian habitats, wetlands and woodlands using practical restoration.
  • CreditNature is helping to make rewilding investable using a Natural Asset Investment Analytics framework, and connecting metrics of ecosystem integrity to investment mechanisms such as impact tokens and bonds. CreditNature’s aim is to unlock nature positive investment by connecting landowners with like-minded investors to deliver nature recovery projects and provide verified evidence of investment impact such as biodiversity resilience and ecosystem uplift.
  • Wilder Marches is a land recovery project being created by a partnership of the Shropshire, Herefordshire, Radnorshire and Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trusts established to safeguard and restore the unique and biodiverse landscape of the Wilder Marches; a 500ha landscape on the border of England and Wales.
  • Climate Proof is the world’s first payment infrastructure designed to protect carbon removal transactions. The global carbon credit market is particularly vulnerable to double-selling activities, as it can be difficult to verify carbon credits and show that they exist or have not been sold already. The significance here is that each carbon credit represents a tangible environmental impact, highlighting the importance of transacting only with valid carbon removal or reduction credits to safeguard the climate health. Climate Proof helps our clients to de-risks carbon credit investments via a new due diligence process and AI-powered software using proprietary due diligence Fintech algorithm, minimising the cross-border due diligence check cost and time by 80%.