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Climate Week NYC was the biggest climate summit in 2020 and explored the lessons we can learn in the pursuit of a net-zero future.  

Conversations focused on putting people at the heart of climate action and building a better future.  Hogan Lovells’ Yasmin Waljee OBE spoke to a New York Audience at the launch of the Chancery Lane Project’s new edition of the climate contract playbook, a growing repository of precedent clauses lawyers can freely use in their contractual drafting.

“Taking a leadership role in Sustainability is a strategic priority of the firm and so we are committed to leveraging our pro bono time to achieve this.   The new edition of the playbook was peer reviewed by Matthew Cottis, Finance Managing Partner of Hogan Lovells and we have partnership leadership for the initiative with Phil Robb, Infrastructure partner.  The ambition going forward is to work in collaboration with clients and internationally, to amplify the impact of the Chancery Lane Project at this critical time.”  

Yasmin Waljee, OBE, International Pro Bono Director

The Chancery Lane Project is a collaboration of lawyers from around the world to develop new contracts and model laws to help fight climate change.  The project helps lawyers create practical legal solutions to mitigate climate change using collaborative problem solving to rewire contracts and laws to create new market norms for lawyers and lawmakers to use.  It is built on a belief that climate chance is the most important issues of the day and that there is  an opportunity to collaborate in order to change our perspectives, amplify our influence and transform systems to prevent climate breakdown.