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Ashoka's mission is to build an "Everyone a Change Maker" world, where resilience, confidence, creativity and empathy are traits that all people will share across the globe and where individuals are able to evoke change, solve problems and drive progress.

The Ashoka network is made up of inspirational, high-impact entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows) from around the globe, who are solving some of the world's biggest social problems. Both Ashoka and HL share the view that empathy, teamwork and leadership are all elements that should be embedded in education in order to nurture change makers amongst the entrepreneurs and professionals of the future. HL BaSE addresses this view. It is time to test traditional business models and to teach and encourage new ideas.

Hogan Lovells provide pro bono and low bono legal support to Ashoka Fellows, both in London and from across the Hogan Lovells international network.   As a HL BaSE partner, Ashoka provide support and expertise in the delivery of HL BaSE programs and access to a global network. The two organizations share the vision that by educating business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals of the future, we can help to guide the world of business to reshape our markets and encourage improvements in human and environmental wellbeing as a means of improving sustainability and profitability.

You can find out more about Ashoka and the inspirational Ashoka Fellows here.

"In our view, HL BaSE has the potential to revolutionize education for lawyers, it will produce change makers – lawyers that are creative thinkers with the ability to adapt to the changing world whilst maintaining a good understanding of all the elements that constitute 'success' in business which go to and beyond the bottom line." Ashoka