Discovering Hands trains blind and visually impaired women to use their superior sense of touch  to improve the quality of breast cancer early detection. As Medical Tactile Examiners (MTEs) they serve as medical assistants  and support breast cancer early detection in the context of existing health care systems.

An innovative idea is only as good as its implementation. For highly relevant legal issues, our team has found most motivated and committed support through the Hogan Lovells staff, for whom our mission has also become a matter of the heart in my perception.”

Dr. Frank Hoffmann, CEO and Founder, discovering hands

Hogan Lovells has helped discovering hands significantly with the development of internationally valid contracts for the pilot phase. At the same time, the content of the pilot contract was perfectly aligned with the contract for the subsequent franchise phase.

The regular exchange with the Hogan Lovells consulting team has also given the discovering hands team a better understanding of the legal requirements of such a knowledge transfer process.