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Zweitezeugen – Sarah Hüttenberend

By sharing Holocaust survival stories ZWEITZEUGENe.V. encourages young people of all educational backgrounds to approach the history of National Socialism on a deeper level and subsequently to take action against racism and for a diverse present-day. Especially young people understand the significance of history for their personal life better by encountering a witness of the past. Unfortunately, Holocaust time witnesses soon won‘t be able to speak for themselves any longer. To prevent them from falling silent forever, we pass on the stories of their lives before, during and after the Holocaust. Through a touring exhibition and educational projects kids from the 4th grade upward are being introduced to survivors‘ personal histories, thus becoming the time witnesses deponents: secondary witnesses (»Zweitzeugen«). They emphasize, ask questions, reply to the survivors in letters and - in projects of their own - advocate a tolerant togetherness.