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Generation Forest – Charline Joost

The Generation Forest cooperative is dedicated to fostering a healthy global climate by planting as many forests as possible, as sustainably as possible, all while working hand in hand with local people. We created a groundbreaking innovation in sustainable forestry: the generation forest. This concept is an alternative and successful land-use model for the future – conservation through production. Generation forests combine the ecological benefits of a natural tropical forest with the economic viability of a productive forest, thereby generating a sustainable source of income for local communities. Land areas are reforested with native tree species to provide ecosystem services and sustainable timber, forever. Through the selective sale of timber and simultaneous continuous reforestation, we create everlasting permanent forests and earn a return as well. The forest ecosystem is thus permanently protected. We believe that entrepreneurial action can – and must – be socially responsible.

Our vision serves as a global model for a fair and sustainable treatment of our earth.