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De Clique – Jurjen Groot

We work towards zero-waste cities in which all residual flows are reused

We will end the immense waste of resources. Residual flows as raw materials for products that feed, dress and build the city. By closing local chains. 

Within 5 years in 5 cities. We started in Utrecht!  

In each city, we build a circular ecosystem consisting of: 

  1. Residual flows service: De Clique offers businesses an affordable, CO2 neutral, inner city logistical separation and collection service for residual flows. 
  2. Production platform: on our city HUB, together with local co-producers we store and reprocess material streams in the most efficient way  
  3. Product portfolio with measurable impact: De Clique label products are circular products made of municipal residual flows with measurable lower CO2 emissions than comparable products. These products are sold via our own distribution channels and by partners to our customers and beyond.