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Kinomé – Nicolas Métro

Founded in 2005, Kinomé is a social business aiming at improving human beings’ daily lives thanks to forests and trees (food security, access to water, job creation…), and thus reversing the trend of deforestation and climate change trajectory. Kinomé, which means “eye of the tree” in Japanese, is inspired by trees and forests to imagine and implement development strategies that benefit to all the actors (NGOs, firms, institutions, local communities…) and impulse a systemic change. Acting in 30 countries, Kinomé’s network gathers multidisciplinary experts bolstering the human and economic development of vulnerable populations. To engage this new paradigm, Kinomé has developed a global and integrated approach through research, consulting, project management and education activities. To date more than 4.4 million trees have been planted protected, for the benefit of over 1.8 million persons.

Nicolas Métro, Founder of Kinomé, is part of the Ethical Leadership network, and Ashoka Fellow,


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