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Coexister – Samuel Grzybowski

Coexister engages young people from different beliefs (including atheists and agnostics) and backgrounds, and particularly reaches the growing group of young people being sensitive about the limits of this culture of prohibition of an expression, or not, of a religion or conviction. To draw their interest and overcome the taboos and the old-fashioned image of religious questions, Samuel is using a young, dynamic and attractive communications strategy and relies mainly on social networks to recruit the members.

Each of them is then going through a one-year transformative track based on two main pillars: dialogue sessions and collectively-led solidarity actions. The weekly organized dialogue sessions help to discover and understand one another’s codes, communities and culture. Improving knowledge and self-reflection, they create the conditions to overcome stereotypes and prejudices. After learning about each other, members are encouraged to collectively implement solidarity actions every month to effectively experiment interfaith cohesion and create shared memories. Having a common goal of helping others indeed allows them to feel what unites them and overcome the differences they can have.