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Tax Box - Gheyath Warrar

Around 11,000,000 (24.4%) of all people living and working in Germany (German and foreigner), don’t file a tax return every year because of many difficulties they face, especially the foreigners.

They are all confronted with professional jargon, rules, expensive tax consultants (difficulties in finding the right one) and inflexible working time.

My Idea was to create a user-friendly multiple-platform app for tax filing reports in multiple languages.

At first in 3 languages: Arabic, English and German, including examples and explanations for questions and simplified steps from beginning to end.

German and English, of course, because we are in Germany and many people also understand English.

Arabic because of the many taxpaying native Arabic speakers from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, etc.

So, 800,000 Arabic employees * 24.4% = 195,200 taxpayers who don't file a tax return - but the undetected cases are probably much higher.

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