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Hair goals - Dr Adaku Jennifer Agwunobi

hairgoals® by Dr Adaku Agwunobi, is a tech-savvy natural hair care and wellness brand offering products to help people reach their hairgoals but also utilising blockchain technologies, in the form of NFT’s, to improve the well-being of our consumers through engaged communities, activations and events. This is best explained by ‘social prescribing’ which alongside well-being is the foundation of hairgoals. By combining the physical hairgoals® hair care products and a supportive online NFT community with offline events, users receive comprehensive solutions to their existing hair related pain-points to help them reach their hair goals in a comprehensive way. Purchase of an NFT is not mandatory but it gives holders extra utility such as access to the hairgoals NFT community, an initial personalised box of hairgoals products and other perks. Furthermore, hairgoals® would also improve the representation of women and ethnic minorities in web3 with the NFT community, partnerships and educational resources.

Planned ‘IRL’ events include: hairgoals dance classes, hairgoals sports days, hairgoals wellness retreats, hairgoals poetry therapy, hairgoals swimming lessons, hairgoals walks, hairgoals movie night (with oil treatments), hairgoals art classes, hairgoals book readings, hairgoals 5-a-side (football) and much more.

hairgoals® has been featured by an array of publications including Mother&Baby and Healthline. We have fully registered intellectual property across the UK, Europe and United States for the popular term “hair goals” which holds value and has amassed over millions of searches on social media platforms especially Instagram and Tik Tok.

The main objective for hairgoals is to make the world a better place ‘one strand at a time’ with well-being at the core. That is, using hair care as a vehicle for self-care and subsequent wellbeing. There is a huge link between stress and hair health/loss and we’re here to ensure that we’re not just looking after our hair but our overall health and well-being because essentially good health and well-being is fundamental. We recently won the Oxford Hub Social Enterprise 2021 award, and our founder Dr Adaku Jennifer Agwunobi, also won the prestigious “Digital Entrepreneur of the Year” Africa Illustrious Award 2021.


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