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Eticas - Gemma Galdon

Eticas has the mission is to protect people in technology processes, while also ensuring that all people have the right to benefit from technological advances without fear of discrimination or unfair treatment.  We work to translate the principles that guide our societies (fairness, transparency, or non-discrimination) into technical specifications, and to strike a balance between evolving social values, technical possibilities and legal frameworks.
Aside from our flagship algorithmic audits, our initiatives include a broad research programme where we tackle issues related to the impact of data and data processes on women and youth, work, smart cities, border control and security or migration, We also host the Observatory of Algorithms with Social Impact (OASI), a registry of algorithms that are impacting on the lives of citizens around the world, and the Coalition for Algorithmic Justice, where we engage on strategic litigation on privacy infringements, the use of biometrics, the digital gap or algorithmic discrimination.