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Coastruction - Nadia Fani

Coastruction 3D prints the new generation of artificial reefs combining the need for coastal protection and marine life restoration. We 3D print complex concrete artificial reefs using natural, local and recycled materials with a sustainable and circular process.

Coral reefs are under enormous pressure and it is time to act. Coastruction proposes an innovative solution combining 3Dp powder bed technology and nature-based solutions to create beautiful, free-form complex structures that blend in with nature. Our mission is to restore reef systems, protect coastlines and inspire people to achieve a sustainable relationship with marine ecosystems promoting nature. We deploy our technology in remote locations using local materials and help small communities to restore the reef and all marine life thanks to the multipurpose structure create with our 3D printer, resulting in a full tailor-made solution for each location.

The condition of the reefs simply demands large-scale solutions in order to be effective. This can only be done through collaboration, that's why in our work we collaborate with as many parties as possible