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Zeitpolster – Gernot Jochum-Müller


Zeitpolster (time cushion) is a new model of provision and care. We look for and accompany teams of volunteers who provide on-site care services for older people, people with disabilities and children. We train and accompany these teams, equip them with everything they need and help them to be successful. All helpers are active volunteers and receive a time credit for their work, which can be redeemed for care services when they are older. The person receiving care pays a small amount of money per hour. We put half of this amount into an emergency account. If a helping person has saved up 1,000 hours in 20 years and we cannot find anyone to offer the help needed, the money can be used to buy additional care.

Zeitpolster is a social franchise model that started in Austria and is now also starting in other countries.

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