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The Chime - Margaux Gaillard & Goli Moussavi

The Chime is a community of social initiatives located in 7 countries (Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Spain, United Kingdom, United States). Each member has its own specificities but develops the same concept: networks of shopkeepers who are willing to open their doors to people facing great exclusion, in order to offer them services (e.g. Wifi access, use the restroom, charge their phones) and products (coffees, meals, etc., offered for free by the shopkeeper or prepaid by the customers). The services and products offered in each shop can be identified thanks to stickers displayed on the shop windows, and can be listed in maps distributed to the people who need them the most.

In reality, these shopkeepers networks are a great way to create social interactions between all kinds of people (with or without a home), which is the actual goal of these programs.