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Condition_Lab - Peter W. Ferretto, Milly Lam, Beryl Wong, Paula Liu & Veera Fung

Condition_Lab is a non-profit business based in Hong Kong that seeks to promote culture and heritage in rural communities. By developing architectural typologies, explorer workshops, and craft products, it aims to preserve local cultural heritage, foster financial self-sufficiency, and provide Hong Kong youths with real-life experience of rural lives.

The Lab’s research resolves around designing socially responsible architectural prototypes. By working hand-in-hand with local partners on real sites, our aim is to develop projects that foster a better sense of community. The prototype acts as a vessel to generate new knowledge about how people inhabit their environment.

Our philosophy revolves around the paradox embedded into the word “condition”, as a noun it refers to a context, a circumstance, or a situation, while as a verb it implies change - to condition something based on an original state.





Peter W. FerrettoMilly LamBeryl WongVeera FungPaula Liu