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Cayan Edu - Helmuth Aberer, Melody Ng, Carol Lee

cayan edu

Cayan Educational Design Limited (Cayan Edu) is a social impact for-profit company, which is a combination of a charitable organization with a for-profit corporation to achieve a sustainable social impact without donation.
It is started by Prof. Catherine McBride, a developmental psychologist working at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and her partners. This company was supported with a social impact grant CUHK until end of August 2021 and its mission is to develop tools to help children learn languages.
To maintain its business and create sustainable social impact, it has developed a few educational products and services. Its current physical products include the Bumper CardsTM Card Game and the Bumper Cards™ Wordplay storybook. Other than these physical products, it also provides a few online products and services, such as WordSword English, the Morphological Awareness Assessment, the Bumper CardsTM Morphogame and the professional Cayan Edu Training services. With reference to its unique selling proposition, all products and services are based on peer-reviewed international science and most of its products are fully bilingual in Chinese and English.


Prof. Catherine McBride’s website:

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