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Project Team: List of Contributors

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Christelle Coslin

Partner and Project Lead

Christopher Wolf

Senior Counsel and Project Lead

Yasmin Waljee

International Pro Bono Partner and Project Lead

Amy Roma

Partner Lead for PeaceTech Global Partnership

Rhian Lewis

Senior Associate and Project Manager

Stefanie Chan

Responsible Business Senior Advisor (EMEA & APAC) and Project Manager

And an immense thank you to our colleagues from all over the world, without whose efforts this work would not have been possible:

Karina Antonio

Telha Arshad

Alexandra Bakhtiozina

Henry Bedford

Helen Boniface

Cecilia Borelli

Sanne Bouwers

Celina Bujalska

Will Buswell

Clarissa Cantadori

Maree Casey

Bowen Chen

Kelly Chen

Mo Chen

Dominique Danh

Andrzej Debiec

Karolina Debiec

Stevie DeGroff

Alexandra Dmitrieva

Zoe Dong

Geraldine Felber

Raquel Fernández

Raphael Fleischer

Zac Forrai

Alfredo Gómez

Jonathan Hew

Rebecca Hing

Long Huynh

Patrick Hynds

Wataru Kawai

Nigel Kemp (Citibank)

Alexander Kitaev

Ben Kostrzewa

James Kwan

Zack Lin

Ray Liu

Leanne Lucas

Lisa Maughan (Citibank)

Sinead McKenna (Citibank)

Adriana Medina

Astrid Meslin

Grace Mfuakiadi

Margot Mimoun

Pavel Mingaleev

Chris Moses

Robbie Nakarmi

Andrea Neoh

Giang Nguyen

Jeff Olson

Pierre Overhoff

Ambra Pacitti

Federica Pezza

Mai Phuong Nguyen

Ivan Pico

Alex Piggot

Claire Qin

Jodie Reindorf

Christian Ritz

Hessel Roeleveld

Jacobo Rueda

Ana Rumualdo

Claudia Sánchez

Matthias Schlau

Falk Schöning

Sidrah Shah

Phoebe Sin

Mathilde Soetens

William Tai

Farah Tan

Aditi Theckath

Blayne Thompson

Karolina Tomaszewska

Ngan Tran

Kalon Tsang

Stephanie Tutt

Mareike Walter

Laura Waltrip

Amy Wei

Anna Wiktorow

Anthony Woolley

Christoph Wünschmann

Joshua Yan

Christina Zhu

Celia Zhuo


This research was prepared in connection with our pro bono client, PeaceTech Lab (PTL).

PTL requested our assistance in publicising the work product for others to use as appropriate, in order to share legal knowledge on where laws stand at a specific point in time and we aimed at providing this in an informative way without offering opinion.

There is sometimes of course a very fine line between free speech and hate speech, which varies in time, across jurisdictions, and interpretation by Court. As a result,  for specific enquiries please seek additional advice relevant to the jurisdiction of concern.  For further information, please refer to these organisations. 

The map is for information only. It is not intended to create, and receipt of it does not constitute, a lawyer-client relationship with PeaceTech Lab or Hogan Lovells International LLP.

This map is a snapshot of the law as at August 2021 and it is not updated.