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Volunteer feedback

"I really enjoyed the workshop yesterday. In my opinion it was a well organised and a very well-structured event.  I'll definitely recommend this event to my colleagues."

"I thought the event was really well organised and that I was well-matched to the needs of the social enterprise. To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect from the advisory session, but it became clear early on that the social enterprise needed a friendly professional to set them straight on some of the legal basics (IP ownership in this case), and to then just bounce ideas around regarding their commercial options/decisions."

"It was a terrific event. The talk from the Big Issue Invest was inspiring. The workshops were perfectly balanced with a mix of lawyers and the entrepreneurs were extremely engaged. Thanks again for a well-organised afternoon and I would be delighted to support future events."

"I enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the BaSE workshop .  It is clearly a well run programme, and much effort has been engaged to try to ensure that it covers a broad range of ventures with a social element, and gives in-house counsel the opportunity to share legal expertise and professional insights and experience with such businesses."