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It's that time of year again when we welcome a new intake of trainees to the firm.  And this week, at the London office, we'll also be welcoming junior lawyers from six of our key clients as well as 17 social enterprises from both the UK and continental Europe - all of whom will attend HL BaSE Training with the new London trainees and 46 of our junior lawyers from across continental Europe.

The course programme and the information on speakers and social enterprises can be found here and here.

HL BaSE Training is a cornerstone of our Business and Social Enterprise Practice (HL BaSE). The practice supports social enterprises around the world through pro bono and low bono legal support from lawyers of all levels and across all departments.  HL BaSE Training is a business and finance focused programme for our junior lawyers that has been developed in response to client demand for commercially astute lawyers.  Over an intensive two day educational programme, supported by a range of internal and external speakers, we will look at financial performance against the backdrop of a social enterprise case study.  The 71 delegates from London and continental Europe will then be introduced to their own new social enterprise client who they will advise as the business seeks to grow.  This allows our junior lawyers to see how financial performance and social impact can go hand in hand.

As part of our commitment to develop programmes enabling our corporate clients to join us in supporting social entrepreneurs, junior lawyers from seven client organisations will also be attending, benefitting from the learning and networking opportunities HL BaSE Training offers.

HL BaSE Training is a unique offering that has been commended by clients and recognised through various awards programs.  244 junior lawyers have already completed the program, advising over 30 social enterprises.  CEO Steve Immelt explains the importance of HL BaSE:

"Because we believe the business and social enterprise (BaSE) sector can innovate solutions for difficult social problems in our community, we've invested significantly in our HL BaSE programme.  Through HL BaSE, we engage people from across our international offices in supporting their communities by providing high quality legal support that aligns with the diverse needs of SME social enterprise clients. We also strive to involve our corporate clients in the programme to add depth and breadth to the offering.  HL Base helps our social enterprise clients to grow and enables our most junior lawyers worldwide to develop important client facing skills early in their career."