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Give Me Tap

Give Me Tap

"Water for You. Water for Everyone." - like all of the best ideas, the concept is simple. With a mission to make water more accessible Give Me Tap work to achieve this by selling their GiveMeTap bottles and with their app, giving customers the access to free water refills from their network of shops in eight countries (Taps), with a portion of the profit generated used to fund water projects in Africa. Since May 2011 Give Me Tap has given 5,334 people access to clean water for life. In addition, by purchasing the Give Me Tap reusable bottles and accessing the Taps, less plastic bottles and used and therefore less environmental damage created.

780 million people do not have access to clean water, contributing to 3.4 million deaths. When a water project is built in a community it dramatically reduces diseases and keeps members of the community healthy, and, with 40 billion hours spent annually collecting water, having access to water on their doorstep gives them back vital time to get an education or find work. By working with local NGOs and electing a local water committee in the relevant community, Give Me Tap enables water pumps to be installed and the committee trained in maintenance and repairs to ensure sustainability and longevity.

Clean water really changes everything!

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