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Farm Africa


Sidai, the social enterprise arm of Farm Africa, provides quality services to livestock keepers across Kenya. Sidai is committed to bringing services to under-served communities in more remote locations, serving pastoralist communities.

Farm Africa

“The farmers’ training provided by Sidai is very informative. I am confident that Sidai will make the difference we have been seeking.” – Farmer from Magati Dairies in Meru

“Since I started dealing exclusively with Sidai, I have noted a marked improvement in my livestock health. Their advice has been very helpful and I now have access to quality and affordable products.”  – Farmer from Kibirichia in Meru

Sidai aims to set up a network of at least 150 franchises by the end of 2015, each owned and managed by qualified livestock professionals. Sidai offers a comprehensive package of support to franchisees to ensure business success and quality of services delivered to farmers.

Until now, these rural pastoralist communities and their herds have been neglected by commercial suppliers of livestock services, who have concentrated on the traditionally profitable commercial dairy and poultry sectors. As a commercial business, Sidai draws on more than two decades of Farm Africa’s practical experience of establishing sustainable livestock services.