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Bamyan Media

Bamyan Media

In 2013 Bamyan Media Inc. launched “The Project" (El Mashroua), Egypt's first reality-TV competition for and about young business and social entrepreneurs.

The show debuted in December 2013 and builds on the success Bamyan has already had in Afghanistan.  Bamyan works to counter the sense of discouragement experienced by many in the developing world by using the power of reality television to demonstrate that social entrepreneurship is something that can make a difference in even the most challenging circumstances.  In a country which had 70% youth unemployment when the series was launched, the show brought to life the stories of young social entrepreneurs who are bravely tackling some of Egypt's most pressing development problems, and starting businesses to create masses of jobs.

The "El-Mashroua Movement," includes a dynamic multi-media digital platform, as well as 80+ on-the-ground organizations that are supporting entrepreneurs with mentorship, finance, training, technology and other tools to help catapult viewers' projects from dream to reality.

This ground-breaking project has reached millions of people across the whole strata of society and industries as well as driving positive social change.