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Global Digital Week


Most tech events are attended almost exclusively by 'techies' - those already in the industry or have a strong desire to be. They can be hostile places for any newcomer, with heavy use of acronyms and a cliquey feel. Global Digital Week is different.

Rather than trying to make people passionate about tech Global Digital Week helps people realise how tech relates to their passions.

Global Digital Week does this through free, friendly, anti-acronym, interactive events held in collaboration with top universities and companies to spark students’ interest in tech.

The target attendees themselves - the students - have a guiding hand in all events through interactive polls indicating topic interest and by actively taking part to organise and staff the events. This gives students the practical experience required to go along with their academic learning, builds a proactive community for them to develop with, and helps us make sure events are relevant to the students in each locality. Past events have included a wide variety of events from robot-assisted surgery in Changsha, China, to virtual reality art in Leeds, UK.

In line with the UN’s sustainable development goals, the not-for-profit Global Digital Week tackles education to give access to quality education (SDG #4) and builds partnerships between universities and companies across cultures and across the world (SDG #17).

So far Global Digital Week has worked with 46 partners to deliver events to 1,192 attendees across 4 countries, achieving an economic impact of £1m. They are one of the most inclusive tech events in the world. 51% of their attendees are female - the average percentage of females at tech events and in tech companies is just 17% and this number drops significantly to just 3.9% when examining the number of female programmers and software developers in the UK.

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