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HL BaSE Impact Report 2016


At HL BaSE we're proud of the work we do for social enterprises, and 2016 has been a great year for us, during which we have provided: 

  • 3000+ hours of advice,
  • involving 300+ lawyers (or £1,137,631 worth of lawyer time),
  • supporting 70+ social enterprises.


We take great pleasure in watching our social enterprise clients develop as businesses and grow their social impact, and we've learned a lot from them, too.  As our CEO, Steve Immelt, put it:

“Because we believe the business and social enterprise (BaSE) sector can innovate solutions for difficult social problems in our community, we’ve invested significantly in our HL BaSE programme. Through HL BaSE, we engage people from across our international offices in supporting their communities by providing high quality legal support that aligns with the diverse needs of SME social enterprise clients. We also strive to involve our corporate clients in the programme to add depth and breadth to the offering. HL BaSE helps our social enterprise clients to grow and enables our most junior lawyers worldwide to develop important client facing skills early in their career."


We're therefore delighted to share our 2016 HL BaSE Impact Report, which can be downloaded, here.


We can't wait to see what the results are for 2017!