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Our Social Enterprise Clients:

"We love them. They have been absolutely brilliant. So reliable, professional and dedicated in their support. So may firms try to help by offering vague and often inappropriate advice.  Hogan Lovells have been precise and generous with their expertise. They have had a significant effect on our progress this year." – GoodGym

"The HL social enterprise program increases the chances of early stage social enterprises being successful because you have important support and advice on building the structure of your company and making it investable and sustainable. All the options are explained to you clearly so you can make the best decision for the company now and in the future. You can't put a price on this. " - Insane Logic

"Thank you to Hazel and all the team at Hogan Lovells – you have made our lives so much easier over the last few months and we really look forward to working with you in the New Year!" – Now Press Play

"Professional, perceptive, insightful and huge value" - Talentino

"Thanks again for all the incredible help Hogan Lovells has been able to offer FotoDocument. I know some companies want to support social enterprises but it ends up being mere lip service…. but Hogan Lovells is the real deal!" - FotoDocument

"Hogan Lovells was very pro active and quick in providing us with the right lawyers... We subsequently went ahead with the investment deal, which has turned out to be very advantageous for Luta. So again, thank you very much for being there with us when it mattered." - LUTA Limited

"We have really enjoyed working with Matthew Nortcliff and his team in Singapore on our recent investment into Vietnam.  They are a great team and wonderful to work with." - Unitus Impact

"As ever, the Hogan Lovells people were generous with their time, and spot-on with their insight. Priceless." - Moodscope

"Thank you so much for all your work on this for us- you made it so simple and stress-free throughout! Winsome and Wataru were amazing and such a help. We were in admiration and huge appreciation of their time and work on our behalf." - Rubbies in the Rubble

"We're all really grateful for the work you've done. You helped us navigate our way through what's been a really big step for the business and we couldn't have done it without you!" - Latimer

"As a resource constrained social entrepreneur, with too many balls to juggle and limited knowledge and skills, I greatly appreciated the investment of time and knowledge by highly experienced lawyers who listened well and made it easy for me to understand some of the key actions I needed to take." - Arrival Education

"I would like to thank you all again for investing your time and expertise with me yesterday, it really is appreciated. This opportunity was of considerable value to my organization and to me personally."- Worthstone

"The services provided by Hogan Lovells to charities and social enterprises are a fantastic resource for organizations such as ours, and have been a practical and effective way of helping to further WSUP's mission of improving the lives of the urban poor."  - Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP)


Commercial Clients, involved in the Big Venture Challenge workshops:

"Each and every one of our team was sold on this and want to do more."

"It was very interesting to learn about the area of social enterprises and it required me to think outside of my comfort zones…it was fun to be able to bounce ideas as a team of lawyers to come up with a solution."

"Can I just say what an immensely good event yesterday – it really was just what we all needed. It also had the added bonus of being an excellent team build."

"It was a pleasure and glad to help out in this worthwhile cause.  Yes please let me know if there are any other workshops."

"I very much enjoyed the session, and shall definitely recommend that other colleagues get involved." 

"It was inspiring to hear the founders’ passion for their projects. And of course it was nice to have an informal catch-up with our Hogan Lovells colleagues at the end of the day!" 

"The pairings seemed to work very well, and it was clear that some work had gone into ensuring that the ventures’ priorities for the session were understood. As a consequence, it felt like we had time to properly discuss the issue and to provide relevant advice, if not to solve it entirely." 

"I, for one, would be very happy to support future events and I have been encouraging others to participate too."



"The Hogan Lovells support is by far and away the most successful external support programme that our entrepreneurs receive. The quality of the legal support, the insightfulness of advice, the speed of turnaround – these are all factors that make our entrepreneurs love working with you and your lawyers, and also make our venture managers extremely happy too."


Big Venture Challenge workshop social enterprises (anonymous feedback):

"I found the workshop really worthwhile and it exceeded my expectations. The main focus for me was IP around a product suite I have created and the relationship between the Foundation and limited companies. However, additional ideas were also posed which I had not thought about in terms of business model, orientation and commercials. The whole workshop was great and very useful. I would recommend it 110%."

"I found the workshop very worthwhile and I was very impressed with the amount of lawyers we had each. All of the lawyers that I was with (which was four) gave very good advice and they were all from different backgrounds.  This was a whole new area for me but I found I understood most things by the end. The workshop helped me to understand all areas of taking on an investor, i.e. ordinary shares and how they would be allocated, how keeping more equity will still give us more power etc. I also learnt that you can have different classes of shares within the investment which have different rules. We discussed a bit about employee share schemes but since then we have booked a call with Hazel and the employee share schemes specialists. It's great to have this further support from HL. I would definitely recommend it."

"I was blown away by it!  It felt a real privilege to have such heavyweight support but in a really friendly and supportive way. The workshop helped me decide whether or not to change the company structure from a limited company to a community interest company and also supported me with employee contracts, freelance agreements, service level agreements and issuing employee shares.  I would certainly recommend it to my peers."

"The workshop was very worthwhile.  We got come input on our software licencing agreement and were able to discuss a number of data protection issues.  I thought it was excellent.  It was well personalized which is exactly what is required at this sort of thing!  I would definitely recommend it."

Hogan Lovells staff:

"Working with the firm's social enterprise clients, with their infectious enthusiasm and drive, has and continues to be a fantastic part of my work life.  It is easy and gratifying to see how our advice impacts their businesses and them as individuals and helps them to achieve their aims.  It is great to have the chance to use and improve my legal skills to this end."- Associate

"I have been very fortunate to work with an inspiring social enterprise (MAC-UK) as it has expanded and developed over the past couple of years. It has been great to work so closely with a unique organisation which is addressing a pressing social need both creatively and effectively. The project has given me the opportunity to work with people who are passionate about social justice and empowering young people. It is very rewarding to be able to and assist them in achieving their goals by tapping into the wealth of resources and talent we have at Hogan Lovells." - Senior Associate

"The Hogan Lovells Social Enterprise initiative is truly impressive in its strength in terms of commitment of the many people involved across all offices; the depth in terms of the resources the firm makes available to the interested individuals and breadth in terms of the reach of the team.  Led by lawyers who are committed to making a difference – it opens avenues to contribute beyond putting one's hand in their pocket which, though undeniably valuable, is rather remote.  In this way we can help more directly, for example advising reformed gang leaders." - Partner