What is BaSE?:HL BaSE Training



It is important to the integrity of the Hogan Lovells business and social enterprise training program (the "Program") that those appointed to the governing bodies represent both the international nature of Hogan Lovells and are committed to its core values of commercial enterprise, social ventures and diversity, this will ensure that through the Program:

(a) Hogan Lovells develops and retains lawyers who are more confident, more entrepreneurial and socially responsible and, therefore, more successful work winners and who have the legal skills to interact effectively with clients;

(b) the Hogan Lovells brand is better aligned with the direction of travel of progressive corporates in relation to positive impact and sustainability as a key element of core businesses; and

(c) an emphasis is placed on economic, social and financial returns for the betterment of Hogan Lovells, our employees, its clients and society more generally.